Five Tips For The Capsule Wardrobe Of Your Dreams

If you ever find yourself panicked in the morning when picking an outfit for the day, then a capsule wardrobe is for you! The premise behind it is simple - the fewer clothes you have cluttering your wardrobe the easier and more stress-free your life will be. It won’t just save you space, but also time and money. By shopping smarter, you can invest in fewer items of clothing that are of higher quality and will last you longer.  Here are our top tips on how to create the capsule wardrobe of your dreams:


 1. Back to Basics




The first step of your capsule wardrobe is to clear out your existing closet. With fewer clothes, you will want to ensure your wardrobe contains stylish, comfortable and versatile items. These Paige jeans in light blue are the perfect example. They are essential denim bottoms that have a high rise for a flattering fit as well as a stylish cropped length. These would look great with another wardrobe necessity - the plain white top. This Marc Aurel top is versatile and high quality. For a more glam look, we love this navy dress by Luisa Cerano.It's fitted top and flared bottom makes it a dress you can wear on any occasion.


 2. Comfort is Key




Curating a capsule wardrobe is not like a catwalk! You will want to be realistic with your lifestyle and dress to match that. That doesn’t mean you won’t still look fabulous of course! These trousers by B Youngare the perfect everyday trousers. They are lightweight and comfortable, whilst the elasticated waist is great for cinching you in. For an everyday dress, we love this ever so comfy yet sassy number by Access Fashion. This lightweight dress is fun and easily creates an effortless look!


 3. Mix and Match



By having a capsule wardrobe, getting ready each morning will be fun! As your own personal stylist, you will enjoy the process of mixing and matching your clothes. A capsule wardrobe is about buying less and choosing well, so before buying a product you will have to think about different ways it can be worn. We recommend clothes in neutral tones so you can wear with a multitude of items. This Beatrice B two-tone striped skirt is perfect to wear with any other colour as it can be dressed up or down. This Samsoe and Samsoe UK shirt dress is also ideal for your capsule wardrobe. Not only are its colours subtle and natural but you can wear it as a dress or just as a shirt depending on your mood.


4. Add Your Personality




A limited wardrobe doesn’t mean a limited style! Style is self-expression, and clothes are your tools. If you are a fan of bold prints then keep them in your wardrobe. Your wardrobe is your chance to be creative and show the world who you are. This Vilagallo Clothing pink shirt is perfect for adding instant style to a pair of jeans or bringing some excitement to a plain black skirt. For a tamer but still fashionable look, go for a dress in a neutral tone but with a burst of colour to make it really stand out, such as this Emily and Fin dress.  We’re also loving these bold and fruity prints by Fabienne Chapot. These shorts are a great way to brighten up any outfit and day!


5. Time To Accessorize!




Accessories are perfect for customising a look! This is a great way to put your mark on your wardrobe. We love dressing up our outfits with a beautiful scarf. This cloud print   Becksongaard scarf is great for adding a dreamy flash of colour and style into your ensemble. We especially love this trendy animal print scarf! Jewellery is also a great way to add some instant glamour to whatever you’re wearing. This beach themed necklace by Bibi Bijoux is a great staple to your jewellery collection.

There you have the basis of a perfectly curated wardrobe! Bear in mind capsule wardrobe doesn't mean time capsule. You can still buy garments to update and complement other clothes, and continuously update your wardrobe. Whether you are starting afresh or building on your existing capsule wardrobe, we have plenty of items in our new in section that are stylish and timeless, lasting you and your capsule wardrobe a lifetime.

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