Six Decades Of Fabulous Fashion

Fashion fades, only style remains the same.
—Coco Chanel

A lot can happen in sixty years, especially when it comes to ladies’ fashion! Colour palettes, cuts and shapes all come and go but style is eternal. Here our in-house styling team give a brief history of fashion over the decades and offer advice on how to style these looks into a modern wardrobe. It may surprise you what has come back into fashion!

The Fabulous 50s


The decade of rockabilly, housewife and the pin-up...the 50s were a very liberating time for women fashion-wise as clothes finally became more accessible. A fuller skirt and a small waist defined the classic silhouette of the fifties and is a timeless and feminine shape that we still love today. Bring a touch of 50s class to your wardrobe with a polka dress by London Times. The chic monochrome polka print and modest high neckline add an air of truly vintage sophistication. Style with striking red Unisa shoes, Furla sunglasses and red lipstick for a glamorous Marilyn Monroe look.


The Swinging 60s


Beatlemania, Woodstock, Twiggy - the 60s sure were swinging! A truly revolutionary decade brought with it bold colours and cuts, complemented by a rebellious attitude.  We love the cut of this cherry print dress by Fabienne Chapor, as it reminds us of a modern Mary Quant mini dress.  If you want to go all out 60s, pair with PVC white go-go boots. Alternatively, opt for 60s inspired casual Unisa sling back ladies shoeand a bit of Envy jewellery in the form of Twiggy inspired, abstract earrings.

The Sassy 70s



The freedom of fashion in the 70s was thanks to the influx of clothes now available, as well as music and films to draw inspiration from. For our 70s look, we’ve gone for all the boho chic of Joni Mitchell but with an ABBA twist! Find the right balance between bohemian and disco with this beautiful printed and dramatically cut Onjenu jumpsuit. Elevate the look with classic 70s Alpe shoes. The bigger the platform the better! Add a fringed necklace by Envy and a Farrah Fawcett hair flick and you’re ready to go dancing into the night!

The Electric 80s


If there is one word to describe the 80s it would be ‘bold’. From Joan Jett to Joan Collins - fashion did not hold back in this decade! Bright colours, broad shoulders and big hair, and that's only for we’re all aware, some trends are definitely best left in the 80s (crimped hair and spandex anyone?) but others we are glad to welcome back! We’re loving this yellow Dynasty inspired powersuit by Access fashion! Pair with equally dramatic earrings by Vanity Her and don’t stop there!By Malene Birger animal prints shoes will give your outfit a bold mismatched look, which looks fantastic together. Just don’t forget the hairspray!

The Mighty 90s



The 90s brought us supermodel chic, grunge, and... Berties store opening of course! Look like you stepped straight out the premillennial era with these barely there, strappy heeled Unisa sandals, which also happen to be one of the hottest trends right now.  Dress down your sandals for a true relaxed 90s look with this minimal b Young denim dress! Why not add a pop of colour with this fun pink Coccinelle bag? This will look effortlessly stylish without the harshness brought by the 90s neon trend.

The Naughty 00s



Even though the 00s were only ten years ago they (and the accompanying fashion faux pas) could not seem further away. Velour tracksuits and diamante aside, we love this striking floral red dress by B Young which would not have looked out of place on Kate Moss in the 00s. A big trend that has gladly returned is cowboy boots such as these gorgeous Sendra boots. Pair with a matching woven belt to cinch in the waist for a flattering silhouette which ties the outfit together.

Which brings us to current day trends! As fashion trends come and go, we are finding more and more fashionistas curating their style by choosing key, long-lasting pieces that stand the test of time.

Why not draw inspiration from the wealth of fashion over the years, and find your next key piece by checking out what we have new in?

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