The Overshirt Is A Girls Best Friend

The women's overshirt really is a girls best friend. So easy to wear, so easy to style and so easy to look cool. Leonie shows you a few fantastic pieces from Conditions Apply and Blank London. She tells you which bodyshapes they suit and goes onto style them in several ways. She features jeans from Paige, gives plenty of airtime to the brilliant trousers from Luisa Cerano, and covers shoes by Alpe and Pons Quintana.

If you would like help with personal styling ring Leonie on 01604 602101 between 10am-2pm Tuesday to Friday or when the lockdown is over, pop into her boutique in Northampton. 

All the items featured in the video are listed at the bottom of this page.

The items shown in the video are listed on the images to buy.

Conditions Apply overshirt grey dog print Conditions Apply leopard print overshirt

Conditions Apply circle print overshirtBlank Lonndon Aruniba overshirt

Blank London Leenita overshirt greenBlank London Leenita overshirt pink

Paige Jeans

Louisa Cerano trousers

Alpe Shoes

Coccinelle yellow satchelCoccinelle tan bag

Pons Quintana slingbacks

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